Buchona Theme Birthday Celebration


Its no secret I THRIVE off creating memorable moments, the vast amount of ideas that flow my mind on the daily are on steroids! I love how my creative mind can come up and envision so much!  A buchona theme birthday party celebration with money everywhere, designer clothes, mariscos, and badass ambiance is what I envision for my celebration.  My Buchona theme party exceeded my expectations.  When I share with family and friends the theme they all came through and went ALL out!

My sister got herself a wig, my mom did press on nails from Dollar Store, my sister wore a tight dress and rocked with self confidence, OMG! mi abuelito wore a placoso blue button shirt and looked badass!  I haven't celebrated a birthday with my love ones since I turned 21 and now with the Pandemic we cancelled all out of the country travels.  I felt it was just right to share a special day with my love ones.  At the end I felt they all needed this celebration more than I did and for that I am grateful.

So if you do not know what a buchona is and have question marks above your head. Pause, and head to google.  He will share in detail what this means.  I found it to be a fun, and unique way to do a twist on my birthday.  Trust me everyone in my party LOVED IT! Why this theme? the real question is "why not"! And yes I planned everything myself and my sweet husband helped carry all my visions to life.  Not to forget my friends whom helped me set up.

Let's Talk Details...

+ Outfits: My top is from Ana Boutique,  the "Sinaloa Top", got it in size Small. fits true to size. Jeans are old from Fashion Nova, Belt and shoes were gifted from my husband, Press on Nails: Amazon, Hair extensions are old from Sally Beauty, Earrings are from Windsore Store. Husband's shirt is Fashion Nova (Size L) very stretchy material.

+ Cake: The Cup Cakes Shoppe, they are angels! their icing was from another planet.

+ Fake Dinero: Amazon (my grandpa thought it was real! he started picking it up when he arrived! LOL) 

+ Fake Cocaine Bricks: I don't even know proper term for this.  I literally had to Youtube it on how to do it right bc I had no ideas!  We used 2.2 lb Maseca bags for tortillas, wrapped it using Gaffers tape, then wrapped it with Saran Wrap, finishing by adding a tan tape.  The amount of time I invested in getting the supplies for these is unreal. LOL

+ Happy Birthday Sign: Reused the one from Last Year's Birthday Photoshoot, it's from Amazon, and it included the balloons. 

+ White Table: Bought it back in 2017, solemnly for special events purposes.  Its from Ikea

+ Food: Mariscos El Patron, we also got Tacos de Birria from them and it was all bomb! Brandon, is professional and punctual.  His service is highly recommended. 

+ Alcoholic Beverages: We served Palomas, margaritas, wine, beer, and micheladas. Tequila shots obviously.  ( Check out my Fav. Summer Cocktails recipes post  here

+ As Snacks:  I had sweets table with my absolute years and years favorite, French Macarons.  We also served lots of Mexican Chips, Mariscos El Patron left some Carne seca for people to try. Spicy peanuts mix for the card gamers who played all night.

My favorite part of my birthday celebration is how everyone felt present, they had a good time and how good ass vibes everyone had for me.  I am now 29, today is my actual birth day.  During my party a little girl asked me shocked if it was true that I was turning 29! Her little face of disbelief brought me so much warmth, she reminded me of my young self.  How crazy that when I was her age I would have a belief of what "old" looked like.  I can proudly say I am married, have no children, I love my profession, I will forever be evolving and learning and yes I am a seƱora but only in my heart haha!

Here is to 29! to another year full of M A G I C



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