How to get Fluffy Pampas


Pampas grass are making their come back.  These beautiful fluffy goddess looking things first made an appearance in California in 1872 when a sails man imported the seed from South America.  Apparently back in the days they were planted in front of residents to signify "swingers" in the house aka open relationship status....yea.. WTF! haha I had no idea! the beauty of #history.

Now a days you see them all over weddings, photoshoots, baby shower decors, top magazines like VOGUE and not to forget all over the front of my house  (haha, if you know you know).  I find them particularly fascinating and beautiful to the eye.  They are this sort of unwanted plant a lot of people can not seem to see its beauty.  My sister had a plant and chopped it off because apparently snakes love them as much as I do. 

My first pair of pampas were purchased on Etsy last year for $50 for TWO pampas! that made them $25 each.  I still can't believe my crazy ass got them! lord! but you know, I had been wanting some for the longest so I made my mind to get some.  I later found two more in a trashcan at my local coffee shop; they apparently had an event and used them as decor.  All was sunshine and rainbows with my pampas until we burnt the shit out of them while lighting Ismael's birthday candles. LOL they lit up so fast we were unable to save them.  😔

But then! Ismael saw some on the highway, around a shopping center and suddenly we started seeing the plant everywhere! And so our pampas adventure began! haha

How To Get Perfectly Fluffy Pampas?

1. First you must know WHEN to cut the pampas.  They must be in their "green" stage, if they are fluffy already its ok cut it anyways.  Some get burnt from the sun and the rain ruins their look, so pay attention.  Make sure to leave a long stem, you can later cut to your liking. *note, be careful when cutting as the long grass is sharp and will cut your skin if not careful.

2. They will feel very fresh and almost look green, so let's air them out outside in the sun for 6-8 hours.  I left mine up right in direct sunlight.

3. Once aired out, I hang them UPSIDE DOWN, on hangers, held by good old tape.  Make sure to secure them really good as a few of mine fell and it affected how big they opened up on the side that was against the floor.  I preferred to tape two per hanger to give them space to open up.  I used a hanging clothing rack I had.

4. I left my pampas hanging upside down for 3-4 weeks in a dry place such a office/closet.  I noticed the longer I do, the less they shed once they are completely dry.

5. After 3-4 weeks, pick a sunny day and take them outside.  This will allow them to open up more, shed off the extra fluff and completely dry. I leave mine for 2-3 hours.

6.  Now to the FUN PART! Pick one at a time, if you feel the need to run your fingers and fluff some up its ok, just play around with them.  Now with a GOOD QUALITY hairspray, gently spray them one by one.  I used this one.  Don't over do it! you can always add more if you feel they need it.  

7. Arrange them in a beautiful ceramic base, use them to decorate for photoshoots, or make a giant one like I did just for fun. I now have them throughout my home and have sold a few.  They make any space level up. Enjoy your beautiful free pampas! 


I will probably continue to collect Pampas.  I am also offering a few I have for SALE! so if you live in RDU area in North Carolina and are interested please feel free to reach me out via DM on Instagram.  Hope my post helped. 



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  2. Very beautiful Fluffy Pampas! Where can I buy them? I would rent suv and look for them


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