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This is our 7th annual Christmas tree cutting trip.  It all started back in 2013 with only Ismael and I.  We were dating and had just moved in together into a cozy one bedroom apartment.  For some reason I wondered where the Christmas tree shops got their trees so I google "Christmas tree farms", found many in Asheville, NC area.  I told Ismael I wanted to go cut our very own tree and as always he said "let's do it".   Seven years later here we are cutting our own tree but now with my all the family and can happily say it is our family tradition now. 

This trip has become the highlight for our nieces and adults as well.  I will say the first year we had so much fun as it was the first time we all got together in a cabin.  We played loteria, made drinks, mom made ponches, we visited historic places and explored around.  

I have been asked if we book a travel agency or how we plan this trips.  I do ALL the planning.  From booking the Airbnb to buying tickets for our whole group.  I am not going to lie and say it is all fun and exciting as planning for such a large group is VERY challenging.  Finding accommodations that suits everyone is not easy but if you plan ahead you too can make it work.

{ & yes I had taken time off my blog due to mental health, I was extremely stressed with life, lack of support and for a minute almost gave up on my blog dreams.  But I am back }

Where we stayed?

We have always booked with Airbnb as I find this to be the easiest way to find and book; Click HERE for the exact cabin we stayed in.  This cabin was beautiful, it has a mountain view, gated community, christmas decor, cozy vibes, a cinema room, a play room with PACMAN!, a pool, hot tub and so much more.  It was also fairly close to everything.  Again, finding a cabin that suits your family needs is essential.

What did we do?

We arrived on a Friday (day after Thanksgiving) in the afternoon, we checked in and then headed to relax a bit in the cozy cabin.  Everyone was so thrilled! the girls jumped in the pool first thing upon arriving.  We ate and waited for everyone else to arrive.

I have learned to make plans and simply put it out there for whomever wants to join us.  We went to a Christmas drive thru light show ( click HERE ).  It was a nice one but I will say I have enjoyed others much more.  The line was long as expected but advanced at a tolerable waiting time; I also had some Bailey's in a cup so... lol ) 

Saturday morning we had tickets to go snow tubing.  For these I did my research a month in advance and found out booking needed to be done ahead as they are often sold out. I was very happy because once we arrived it was all sold out for that weekend but we had tickets thanks to me!! CLICK HERE to purchase tickets.  Tickets are sold by time slots so make sure to leave with plenty of time due to traffic, parking, etc. Once in Ober, you can do ice skating, mountain roller coaster, games etc.  After tubing we spend few more hours doing activities.

After we headed back to the cabin to relax.  My sister Julieta made homemade pizza! they were so yum!! been craving more.  We relaxed, the girls headed to the pool, others took naps and I jumped into the hot tub with some cranberry mimosas.  Always attempting to make the best out any trip, my body wanted to sleep but instead I put some music on and enjoyed life.  Later my husband and nieces joined me, it turned into a hot tub party. 

On that note my nieces have me as an idol, they think soo highly of me.  I love being a tia! I demand to have a national tia day.  Super bummed no one celebrated us tias! do you agree? let's pick a date lol

Later that night we headed to a tree house attraction.  THE MOST MAGICAL place gals, Anakeesta! I actually found the place a few days before the trip so didn't research much.  You have to get on an airlift chair that takes about 10-15 minutes, and its quite cold; they do have some closed ones for children safety and if you take a stroller.  (CLICK HERE FOR INFO

If you head early enough you can catch the sunset, have a drink and enjoy.  Forgot to mention they also have tree house obstacles or whatever the proper name is for those things for the kiddos.  I mean I am no kid but my husband and I went through the children's play area and that was fun AF! lol

( The whole family, so blessed) 

The next day we packed our stuff but first I had my mimosa for the day.  We ended up going horse back riding; we decided it the night before but only a hand full were going ....neck minute ALL the family was going haha  So we headed to do horseback riding, I was so exhausted from not sleeping in a bed; oh yea forgot to tell you I booked a cabin with only 4 bedrooms when we need 5, in compensation for the activities this one offered; again thinking about my family. But my lord I paid the consequences, I was TIRED the whole trip. LOL. My back was hurting, and during the horse back riding I felt I was going to fall asleep! talk about growing older. 

After we headed to one of our favorite Christmas tree farms in NC, Boyd Mountain.  Surprisingly there are not many in Tennessee. (click HERE, for Christmas tree farm).  We arrived just in time for my nieces to see Santa; although two of them already know he is a "fake" and not "the real santa" LOL! I always find it super cute seeing their little faces light up when they see him. 

( That's my babe right there )

We loaded up the LR and headed home.  As always deeply thankful with God and the universe for allowing me to have family close by.  I will cherish these trips forever.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I have big goals as always for 2021! let's do this babe! 

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