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 Jewelry has always been one of my favorite things to buy.  But much has changed in these past years.  I no longer gravitate towards buying jewelry that will end up needing replacement in less than a year, turns my fingers green and its overall poor quality.  Growing up my mom and others would gift me real authentic gold pieces.  If you had Mexican parents then you know you had your gold esclava or even cadenita before even turning one.  From there the gold pieces kept coming.  Somehow I found my heart coming back to gold. 

I wish I still had all my gold pieces but unfortunately one time I got a speeding ticket in school zone while I was a broke college student.  So rather than going up to my mom asking her to save my ass, I did a thing.  I gathered most of my gold pieces and sold them for cash.  I used the money to pay for a lawyer, the ticket and gas money.  Looking back that was a very grown up thing; proud moment. 

Anytime I wear my gold pieces someone always complements me and follows by asking where I got them from.  My answer unfortunately is a bit complicated as depending on what I am looking for I will shop at a different place.  So I broke it down for you.


MirandaFrye, its on the higher end of the jewelry, however still very reasonable prices.  I will suggest looking for a discount code before checking out. My star necklace I wear everyday for the past year or so is from here; unfortunately they no longer carry it.  


+Bead by Tara, she is an inspiring business woman just as Miranda, who is not as well known as Miranda however her pieces are so good! & the $ is unbeatable. Once I achieved my saving my 50K as I mentioned in my Vision Board 2020, I bought myself the Nova Star Bracelet, it is so cute. 


Wind Blown Jewelry , Rachel whom is the founder has got to be one of the most sweet and uplifting people I have met.  Originally stubbled upon her at a pop up (pre Covid) at my local coffee shop. She complimented my hat, and we just carried on a convo from there.  Supporting local is one of the things I keep close to my heart and stand for 100%. Oh and ALL her work is incredibly high quality and affordable. I love ALL her rings and always get compliments on them.


+ Five and Two Jewelry, My chunky hoops I wear almost everyday I purchased at a Local boutique in Chapel Hill NC, that has unfortunately closed its doors. I did find an identical pair in their website.  I peeked into their earrings and they have tons of cute pieces to choose from.

Hope you found this helpful.  If you have a favorite drop it down below in a comment. 

With Love,

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