10 Things I Learned in 2020


what I learned in 2020

CHEERS to you 2021! 

I am unsure if 2020 for me was the horrible year everyone appeared to "hate".  Yes, I had tremendous losses in my life.  However, looking back I know I attained more valuable lessons in one year than any other seemed how have taught me.  How? because so much was taken away from me that I have learned to appreciate it my life that much more.

I already thought myself to be a resilient person but after the many events 2020 held I found my resiliency to have grown more deep.  The little things in my personal life that used to upset me, I no longer pay them any mind, when troubles arise my mind set has shifted from immediately trying to resolve the issue and have peace again in my life to a more "let's ride it out".  Not sure if I am making any sense here.

So what did I exactly learned/changed in 2020?

+ Traveling is part of me: with this being the first thing that was taken away as traveling was so restricted I shortly saw how my anxiety levels rose up.  Working in a hospital during a pandemic is stressful on top of an already challenging career.  Traveling served as my recharge mechanism, it ignites my inner wanderlust fire and it makes me look at life in a magical way.  I guess you can say I took traveling for granted until I could no longer do this freely. Without it I deeply felt a piece of me was taken.

+ I was a heavy consumer: With restaurants, gyms, travel and almost any social gatherings cancel I lost my love for buying online.  I found myself noticing how I didn't need to buy anything because well "where was I going".  Realizing I already had a closet full of great pieces and buying just because I would see others buy it was killing my pocket.  I have become more conscious of what I decide to buy.

+ I am a homebody: I am have created a beautiful home decorated in a way that inspires me and thus I truly do not crave wanting to leave my home.  Appreciating more how our hard work has allowed us to live the way we do and own a home we feel at peace in.  

+ I ditched the gym:  Still very much enjoy it! however I saw myself achieving a perfectly healthy and balance physique and inner health without stepping in the gym for months!  I began to do home workouts, worked out in the garage, started going for walks in the park and in my neighborhood! I was able to break free from the "I need to go to a gym" to get a good workout in mentality.  Truly feels liberating. 

+ I stopped weighing myself!: The one thing I am most proud of because I used to weigh myself everyday! at the start of the year I decided I was done giving the scale the power of how I felt about my body.  A number does not define me.  It was HARD at the start, but after the third month I completely forgot about the scale.  It has been a WHOLE YEAR since I last stepped on a scale and I am not going back.  

+ I took charge of my finances: The girl who was always broke, could not save $100 for the life of her, and would buy anything she liked is not me anymore.  I managed to reach my saving goal of $50K!! I will go more in detail on another post.  Truly rewarding shifting my money mindset for the better.

+ Learned to ask for help: sound dumb but before 2020 I had always struggled with asking for help.  I've had very bad experiences where I would do so much for others that when I asked for help I was greeted with pushback.  In 2020, the universe said it was my turn to be helped and loose the fear of asking for help.  

+ It's okay to slow down: you know the feeling of being anxious because you took an hour to sit and watch Netflix when you felt exhausted and the minute you sit you get anxious about how you are not being productive enough.  On my days off I would rarely sit down and watch TV.  I would always find myself something to do then at night complaint of how tired I felt.  If 2020 taught us all one thing is that slowing down is okay! as they say "don't forget to stop and smell the roses".

+ Be happy with what I have:  Life for me is filled with more than what I need to survive a day.  I have food, shelter, health and a form of income.  Everything else is extra. Very thankful with God and the universe for all the extra in my life. 

+ Not being ok is ok: We all have struggles. I allow myself to cry when needed.  Allowed my body to feel what it feels instead of suppressing it. 

Thank you for reading. 

With Love,

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