For two years Holbox, Mexico had been on "must visit" list and in late 2019 my friend and I booked ourselves a trip to Holbox.  Then 2020 realness hit hard and thus our trip first was cancelled.  For 8 months all my travel plans were cancelled.  I learned to appreciate being home more but oh boy did my mental health suffered from not being able to travel freely.

January 2021 we decided we were going to go for it.  By this time new travel guidelines and rules have been established.  We felt safe traveling, of course while taking all precautions.  So we went for it! In February we traveled to Holbox and Tulum and it was just as I had envisioned it! We loved every second of this trip. So let's chat about it.

How to get there

We took a flight from RDU to Cancun.  We rented a car and drove 2 hours to Chiquila were we left our car rental in a parking place.  There are many parking garages once you arrive Chiquila so do not worry in trying to figure this out. We payed $70 pesos every 24 hours. 

We then purchased the ferry tickets with Holbox Express and waited for the ferry to arrive.  There are only two ferry companies, Holbox Express and 9 Hermanos.  They alternate, with departs from Chiquila and Holbox every 30 minutes.

Once we arrive to Holbox Island, we picked up a taxi; no cars are allowed in Holbox so all you will see are golf carts type of transport.  It cost 50 pesos to take us to Casa las Tortugas ($2.63 USD).

Where We Stayed

Casa Las Tortugas was our first stop for two nights; we wished we would have stayed longer.  Our room was "azucar" with a balcony with pool view.  The staff was top notch professional, the food was delicious, and the beach area was such a vibe.  They offer COVID testing right in your hotel room if needed.  They also have complimentary yoga every morning, new and full moon ceremonies, live music, and so much more.

Our second and last night stay was at Punta Caliza.  This hotel is known for its unique arquitecture with a pool right in the heart of the hotel connecting all the rooms.  All staff were friendly, complimentary beer on arrival and yummy food.  We enjoyed our one night stay as we wanted to experience the hotel.  I don't recommend staying longer than one night but totally worth staying at least one.

What did we do

Day 1: on our first day we went to a new moon ceremony hosted at Casa Las Tortugas; it was beautiful and so peaceful.  We then headed to LUUMA; make sure to make reservations ahead of time I used the concierge via email to book it.  LUUMA is a restaurant of Casa Las Tortugas.  It was USD priced but OMG well worth every cent.  We ended the night after dinner as we were very tired from the trip.

Day 2: Well rested, Ismael headed for a run at the beach while I headed for a yoga flow class; the hotel offers it.  Afterwards we ate breakfast and headed to explore Holbox.  We thought about renting a golf cart but that option quickly was discarded as we felt everything was within walking distance.  We went to get Maye a haircut here, ate at Ceviches La Chingada, explore some more then headed back to our hotel for a couples massage.

After the massage we went to the beach area, ordered cocktails and watched the sunset.  We then took a dip in the pool.  Our hotel had the most viby beach set up for night time with bon fire and live music so we checked it out.

After we headed to explore Holbox at night and had dinner at Roots.  One dish that is super famous in Holbox is the lobster woodfire pizza.  It is pricey but honestly it was very delicious.  They had live music and the ambiance was very family friendly.

Day 3: We woke up early as well and headed for a walk at the beach.  We then had breakfast by the beach and laid down in the hammocks and lounge area by the beach.  Then Leo and Dan, two brothers who play guitar and sign so beautifully gave us a lovely serenate.

We checked out of Casa Las Tortugas and headed to Punta Caliza.  We chilled by the pool while our room was ready, ate some food and drinked some beers.  The vibe in this place was very chill, minimal and very laid back.  We automatically started missing Casa Las Tortugas but decided to be enjoy our one night stay there.  

After a dip in the pool, a nap and many many photos later we decided to head to El Centro.  We did some shopping but honestly I wasn't drawn to a lot of items as it was so expensive! for a small simple bracelets they were asking for $7USD! talk about OVERPRICED! yes, I know its an island but STILL! 

Then it started pouring rain.  We took shelter in a beach front restaurant where I drinked a capuccino to warm up as it seriously got cold.  I don't recall the name of the place but I wouldn't recommend.  We then decided to head back to the hotel and let the storm pass by.

After a nap and a movie later we headed back to town.  We drank a few cocktails (wayy too $$) and not even good so will leave the place unmentioned.  We then just strolled by the beach and around town.  We then decided to go see the bioluminescence, and Holbox is a place where you can see it.  We got to see but no camera can really pick up this cool AF phenomenon. I highly suggest  just enjoying it.  After we picked up a lobster pizza and headed to our hotel.

Day 4: 
We decided to enjoy as much as we could of this last half day in Holbox.  We woke up before the sun and headed to hunt down some bikes.  Most places where closed but this guy by the beach was ready for us.  We then headed to Punta Mosquitos, Maye flew the drone, I meditated a little and the we rode the bikes back by the beach.  

Final Thoughts:

I am afraid for Holbox,  I could see this beautifull hidden gem getting heavily impacted by uncontrolled tourism just as Tulum. :( On our of our strolls during the night, we saw many young gals riding the golf carts with blasting music, drinking to the point one guy fell off and the driver didn't notice until far down.  The whole scene made many of us cringe. 

All I can say is we LOVED Holbox, its quiet yet has its party side.  Prices are extremely elevated for no reason; yes I know its and Island and everything is brought in.  The people are extremely hard working, friendly and overall easy to communicate with; just as all Mexico.  We will visit again during the high season to hopefully experience the whales, turtles etc.  

If you do decide to visit take care of Holbox just as you take care of your home. Leave no trash behind, follow the rules, minimize waste when possible, use biodegradable products and always leave the place in a better shape than you found it; even if this means picking up one single trash bag and putting it in trash can. Thank for reading :) 

With Love,

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