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So I turned 30...back in September haha

I did not want to completely not post this Vegas trip even though it happened six months ago.  

As it is now a tradition for my birthday, we went on a trip.  Last year we went to Charleston SC, the year before Oaxaca, Mexico and the previous one we did Paris, France, oh and Miami, Florida the one before lol, not to forget NYC for my 23rd birthday.  Blessed to have visited so many unique and extraordinary places on such a special day for me.  

This year I decided to do something here in the USA.  My vision was to go glamping aka camping in glamour style, at Under Canvas in Arizona/Utah.  Since we would have to land in Vegas airpot I said why not spend a couple nights in Vegas.

We flew on a direct flight from RDU.  We stayed at The Bellagio, a very beautiful and elegant hotel; we stayed at the fountain view king room.  We booked during weekday and saved over $1,500 dollars by doing so.  The hotel rooms and everything in Vegas triples in price during the weekend.  Also, sign up for MGM rewards, which is completely free (not the credit card) and you will receive a one time 15% off total room charge.  This saved me around $250, that I was able to use on food etc.

Since we were on 3 hour time difference I was completely out of it.  We were gratefully able to do check in and get a room by 10am.  I wished we would have slept because by 10pm I was ready to hit the pillow.  This brings me to another tip, if you do visit, give yourself time to sleep during the day.  Vegas is the place you relax by pool, get massage etc during the day and by 6pm you start to hype up for the night. Learn from my mistake; unless I am the one of the few that did not know this already.

What did we do

+ Magic Show, we watched Mat Franco, as a recommendation from friends.
Area15 ; it was ok experience.  I wouldn't go back
+ Helicopter ride on first night; very cool experience
The High Roller ; they have a full open bar service. Good to go with group of friends
+"O" by Cirque du Soeil, 100% recommended, we LOVED the show and it was inside our hotel.
The Conservatory & Botanical Gardens; they have different presentations per season. It's completely FREE and inside The Bellagio.
+ Explore the hotels, we visited Cesars, The Venetian, Cosmopolitan, Park MGM and more I can't remember.  The hotels are the attraction in Vegas. Each one is unique.
+ High end shopping, there are high end stores EVERYWHERE! If you have the eye and wallet for this type of shopping then you will enjoy having all the options with every 5 steps you take.
+ Walk the strip at night! during the day it is just too hot!
+ Bellagio Fountain show every night! its beautiful! and we could see it right from our room.
+ Relax by the pool 
+ Fine dinning experience 
+ Play the slots at a Casino! we actually won $$ in the horse races slot inside Bellagio Casino. We had a lot of fun.
+ We visited Eataly as a recommendation by a follower on Instagram.  Aperol Spritz heaven!

( Top: 
(The Conservatory inside the Bellagio, beautiful art work)
( Blue Dress: click here, Heels: Click Here, )
(These girls want a high high tip $$, so have your cash ready and tell them that's all you have lol)

Money Saving Tips:

+  Look into booking weekdays vs weekend 

+ Sign up for MGM rewards and receive 15% off room booking

+ Buy alcohol/water/ snacks at Walgreens

+ Do not LIFT anything of bar service in room; even if you don't consume it, they will charge you for it.

Overall I want to give Vegas another try.  I noticed this is a place to go in a group.  Since it was just Ismael and I, I felt drinking and walking the strip was just not appealing.  While walking the strip seeing the homeless was heartbreaking.  The constant weed smell mixed with motor oil and fruity smell was a vibe killer for me.  Again, I am not oppose to going again, we definitely enjoyed our time there and it was nice to experience Vegas.

( Pants: leather pants , Top: option 1

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