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 Now that it seems as the world is opening up again this can only mean more travels.  There are several things I have seen in the airport that make me cringe and feel bad for the traveler.  All I could think is, if only that person had this or knew that.  So in hopes to help you not be that person at the airport lets I will be sharing tips and items that have made my travel experience enjoyable.

+ Download the apps

Downloading the app of the airlines you will be traveling with before your trip.  By doing so you will see what waiting area you are in, if you have to change terminals, which terminal you arrive at, track your checked bags, upgrade, view available entertainment, airport map, choose seat and delay notifications.  It also allows to easily check in with your phone so no need to stop at the airline register if you are not checking in bags.  Having the app is life changer.

Other apps to download: gogoentertainment for FREE movies/games etc. Disney+ /Netflix etc allow you to download episodes/movies and later watch when no internet is available.

+ Get a Passport Holder

I have seen people dig through their purse to find needed documents holding everyone up.  Keeping everything you need in one place saves you so much unneeded stress. I organize everything in a travel holder.  I bought one, years ago from Aldo and it is the best purchase.  Like this oneor this one, or even this one (click the link).  

I keep my passport, Maye's passport, travel credit card, my ID, vaccination cards, cash in the currency of the place we are traveling to and USD.  I also keep a copy of our passports in case we were to loose one.  When we did our Europe travel I kept the itinerary there for easy access along with luggage requirements per airline as it differ.  

Last but not least PLEASE, put a PEN or two inside of the holder.  I can not tell you how many times people would be in immigration/customs holding up lines because they did not fill out their papers due to no pens.  Airlines do not always have them; usually never so be proactive.  I always carry an extra one because people always ask me to borrow one.  I love this fine point pens as the customs forms are tiny, and it has a clip.

+ Luggage Scale

We all know we never want to be the person going over the weight limit and be faced with a decision to open the luggage in front of everyone or pay the $$ to get those extra pairs of jeans to Hawaii.  It is NOT a good situation to be in so buy one of these: LUGGAGE SCALE.  We own two of the exact same one and have always been accurate.
Sure there are fancy battery operated ones but what if the battery dies and you are in Spain and everyone is having the siesta and boom you can't find batteries anywhere.  Having this scale has been a travel life saver!

+ Carry On Luggage:

Most airlines allow a free carry on so why not carry one.  To make life easier here are several I recommend: love this one for coffee loversone of my favorites and this one is a cute one.  You can always look into your closer Marshall's, TJMAXX etc but regardless a hardcover one is the best style you can choose.  
Stay away from duffle bags are when it time to place in overhead compartments I see people struggling to make them fit not to forget how heavy it can get carrying the duffle bag on hand across an airport.

+ Travel Adapter:

If you are a traveler then you know there are different electric adapter depending on the country you are visiting.  We purchased This one, here is another one and this one for our Europe trip and it still works great.  Its size is convenient, you can even use USB to charge phone/camera.  

For us women, when using hot tools like flat iron or blow dryer while traveling I purchased this one, to avoid causing over-current or basically que no se bote el switch. LOL.  I take it with me when I go to Mexico as my abuelita's house electric system is old; just to be safe.

+ Wear comfortable Clothes and take a blanket:

Airlines like to cool off the inside of the plane before take off but once in the air the temperatures drop and the airlines continue to have the cooling system on.  Take a small blanket you can easily roll up and tuck away.  Ismael never takes a sweater and is always the one using the blanket.  If you don't end up using the blanket it can serve as a pillow.  

+ Electronics

Pack them separately in zip lock bags then place them all in one designated electronic bag.  I place all my headphones in one bag since my headphones for my phone is different than the adapter on the airline screens I take different kinds.
Chargers, USB cords, wall plug etc.  This way when you are ready to watch a movie you can easily access this bag. 

+ Other essentials

These are things I always take in my personal bag not in the carry on:
 lip balm/chapstick,  hand sanitizer,  hand cream, sunglasses,  a book, tablet, and SNACKS (yes you are allowed to cross in TSA with snacks), bottle water and fill it up in the airport, and tampons just in case (I've saved couple of girls in more than one occasion). 

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